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Penrose Antiques Ltd was established in 2010.

We specialise in Georgian & Victorian silver, vintage watches, porcelain & small furniture.

You can visit us at Salts Mill the world heritage site in West Yorkshire, where we have a dealer room at Carlton Antiques Centre. We also sell antiques online via our our Antiques Atlas shop,  organise exhibitions and take stands at Antique Fairs.

A journey with William Billigsley


Coming Soon, “A journey with William Billingsley”. Selling exhibition of Important 18th & 19th century Derby, Pinxton, Nantgarw & Swansea Porcelain. Buy the eBook Catalogue from epubli.co.uk


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We will be at the next Bowman Stafford Bingley Hall Antiques & Art Fair 17th – 19th June 2016

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A journey with William Billingsley (ISBN:9783741809903)

The new eBook by Penrose Antiques Ltd is formed from a collection of fine 18th and 19th century porcelain including examples from the very rare Camden dinner service, the Prince of Wales dinner service, the Pendock-Barry service, the Rothschild service, the Lady Philadelphia Hannah Cremorne (grand daughter of William Penn) service, the extremely rare Nantgarw Duke of Cambridge service (ordered by The Prince Regent as a wedding gift to his brother Adolphus on his marriage to Princess Augusta) along with an equally rare Billingley Pinxton cup and saucer.  The eBook is available for purchase and download online via a number of retailers including Goggle Books, Apple itunes, and Kobo Books.


A journey with William Billigsley


A Journey with William Billingsley

Copyright: © 2016 Penrose Antiques Ltd
published by: Neopubli GmbH, Berlin
ISBN: 9783741809903


William Billingsley was a highly talented Derby decorator who developed his own formula for a fine soft paste porcelain. He left Derby to manufacture his own porcelain at Pinxton in Derbyshire, working there until 1801. Billingsley then decorated porcelain for a number of manufacturers including Barr, Flight & Barr at the Worcester factory. He eventually worked his way to Nantgarw in South Wales. Around 1811, he started up the Nantgarw porcelain factory with Samuel Walker. This allowed him to produce his own porcelain, but it proved expensive to produce and was not commercially viable. Nevertheless, Billingsley continued at Nantgarw, decorating porcelain based on his own formula before moving to the Swansea Factory. Billingsley returned to Nantgarw in 1817 before leaving in 1820 to work with John Rose at the Coalport factory, where he died in 1828.

The selling exhibition “A Journey with William Billingsley” is taken from a collection formed over 45 years by a private collector. The collection consists of 37 pieces of porcelain. The earliest pieces are important rare examples of 18th century Derby, a number of which were decorated by William Billingsley.

The exhibition follows Billingsley as he moves from Derby to Pinxton, with a perfect and well documented Billingsley Pinxton cup and saucer. The exhibition charts his move to Nantgarw, with some iconic pieces of Nantgarw porcelain, including examples of locally and London decorated important dinner services such as the Duke of Cambridge service and the Lady Seaton service

The exhibition then follows Billingsley to Swansea with some key pieces such as an example from the Burdett-Coutts service, eventually ending in the final Swansea period associated with Dillwyn’s fateful wish to decrease wastage and lower the cost by the production of a more resilient but less marketable porcelain incorporating steatite in the Trident body.

Dr MCT Denyer


 Front cover

Top left: Derby Porcelain Dinner Plate (Barry – Barry Dinner Service) c1800

Top middle: Swansea Basket Weave Moulded Slop Bowl C1815

Right: Extremely rare Derby Biscuit Porcelain Figure of Flora Modelled by Jean Jacques Spangler C1795

Bottom left: William Billingsley Pinxton cup and saucer C1798

Bottom middle: Nantgarw Dinner Plate (The Duke of Cambridge Dinner Service) 1818

To read more, buy ‘A journey with William Billingsley’ from Goggle Books, Apple itunes, and Kobo Books.